Landshop is a Real Estate Company with a mission to “Unlock the Wealth of the Land” and make everyone become a Land owner, regardlessnof their background, age or location.

We acquire Landed properties across Nigeria with high appreciation potentials, split them into square meters and allow you buy in small portions (from as little as one square meter) through our unique GROW A LAND feature.

This way, more people are able to own Land in various locations and grow it in size at their own pace, benefit from the value appreciation when they decide to sell it OR earn income from the joint developments we place on the Land.

On Landshop, you can also BUY A LAND at discounted rates, SELL A LAND in 60 Land minutes OR DEVELOP A LAND.

With our secure platform and Lands with good titles, every transaction is duly captured on your account and documents are sent to your in soft and hard copies, thus making your Land ownership process to be more interesting.

To make land ownership affordable to everyone, regardless of credit rating or income.
To multiply the percentage of individuals who benefit from the wealth of the land, and also instill interest in land ownership to millions of people.