To Grow a Land, you get to choose from any available Land “To Grow” and buy in bits (from as low as one square meter) depending on your budget.

This feature allows you (1) Own Land in areas with fast appreciation rate (2) Benefit from the value appreciation over time and (3) Decide either to Sell, Retain or Develop on it – once you receive the notice of appreciation yearly.

You can also sign-up to own a full plot by the “book-on-hold” feature, so you can reserve the full plot and pay in instalments.

Once you own upto 300 square meters (half plot) and above, you are able to commence development on the Land, as per the general guidelines or development requirements.

If you own less than half plot (i.e between 1-299 square meters) you co-own the Land with other subscribers and benefit yearly from (1) The value appreciation OR (2) The derivable income from any development you choose to have placed on it as a joint venture.


On Landshop, you are able to get a variety of Landed properties to buy from at deeply discounted prices across various cities in Nigeria. You can also use our search engine to choose with various options like location, price range or type.


Here, we help you sell your Land in “60 Land minutes”

We accept properties from the owners or their exclusive agents across Nigeria, verify them and publish them for sale and getting you results in no time.


This feature is for (1) Owners of Landed property who are not interested in selling BUT wish to enter a joint venture opportunity to add value to their Land and (2) Those who own undeveloped Land on Landshop through the “Grow a Land” window and wish to commence development on it at a subsidized rate that conforms with the general guidelines of the location.