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Happy World Literacy Day! Smart Things to Read Today

World Literacy Day

Happy world literacy day. Today is the day of learning, reading and expanding your knowledge for personal and world improvement. It’s especially important to read more given current global events. What with the pandemic decimating health and economies. Now is the time to be ahead of the game with investment and strategies to generate multiple incomes.

Owning property for yourself or investing in real estate for your kids/family is a top literacy endeavour. Learn about properties you can acquire or co-own with kin at the most affordable prices.

Merit Park

Merit Park is the first estate on the Lekki free trade zone road. It’s crafted as the future home for people with big dreams and luxurious aspirations (think of it as the new Lekki Phase I). Click to learn more

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamond’s Estate is a gated residential community located in Lakowe, behind the Lakowe Lakes and Golf course. It offers attractive homes and serviced plots. Click to own from N10,500.

Green Island

Green Island is the “Future Lifestyle Hub” of Ibeju Lekki. Green Island is designed to provide the best clinical services within the West-African sub-region, boasting top-drawer, state of the art facilities, including a certified diagnostic, trauma centre, orthopaedic /dental hospital, the centre for women and children’s health and rehabilitation centre. Click to own for as low as N5,000.


That’s not all, see a shortlist of books to improve your literacy skills on personal investments

The Smart Money Woman by Arese

This book explores the anecdotal lives of friends to inform on how best to invest and enjoy smart returns. Arese tackles smart investment choices by using debt, classism, societal pressure and misgivings about financial management to help you make smart money decisions.

Where is My Money by Magnus Ekwunife

We all have experienced this. You have 2k on Monday morning. By noon, it’s disappeared from untraceable expenses. What most people don’t realise is that the issue is poor financial management skills, not because of an unknown force that magically clears off your money. This book uses straightforward, common-sense rules to guide you to financial success.

Financial Intelligence for Kids by Gbonjubola Sanni

It’s not too late to start with investment literacy for the kids. With techniques literally as simple as ABC, Gbonjubola teaches parents on how to use the alphabets to introduce financial literacy to the child’s vocabulary.

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