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How to avoid being a victim of Land Grabbers


Land grabbers popularly known as Omo Onile in the South-west region of Nigeria, are risky parties to prospecting landowners and homeowners. Omo-Onile claim to being the indigenous residents of communities which they use a leverage to steal people’s land.

Their characteristics include the usage of force, deception and intimidation to gain access and control of lands, their common practice includes selling the same plot of land to different people and also forcefully taking legitimately owned lands from the owners.

They serve as key actors in conflict between landlords, buyers and private investors. Conflicts caused by Omo Onile have led to destruction of lives, properties and even displacement of people affected.

How to avoid being a victim of Omo onile;
It is generally advised to buy landed property from respectable real estate companies because they are legit, prevent you from falling into Omo Onile’s trap and Real Estate companies have more experience dealing with Omo Oniles. It’s important to buy land from respectable and reputable Real Estate agencies and also go for consultation before buying properties.

One of such companies is Landshop Limited. Landshop, Nigeria’s Land Premier Real Estate Co-investment Hub ensures that all payments made for lands are secured and insured, that way, stick to your acquisition purposes and deliver lands and its corresponding documents, without hassle. Visit to start today.

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